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Six Qualities of a Disciple

Discipleship is more than just “knowing,” or even “doing” the right things. Discipleship is about “becoming” the right kind of person. It’s the transformation that happens when we really become a follower of Jesus Christ.

The original word for “disciple” is “mathetes,” which means “one who learns in relationship with a master as a student apprentice.” So what does a disciple look like? What are the qualities that will be developed in a person’s life who is serious about following Jesus? As a church, we have identified six qualities that we will seek to develop in the lives of those we disciple.

We want to be disciples who SEEK GOD with:

Passionate Devotion
We want to be people who are not just redeemed from our sin, but who live in relationship with our Savior - people who are passionately devoted to knowing, loving, and serving Jesus Christ. This will mean developing spiritual disciplines and practices that both foster and express a passionate devotion to Jesus Christ. More than lifeless compliance to religious rules, we seek holiness in life that naturally flows from a heart that is being transformed by the amazing grace of God.

Biblical Perspective
Believing that the Bible is God’s inspired Word; we want to evaluate everything in our lives in the light of God’s Word and seek to build our lives on the foundation of His Truth. This will involve a simple understanding of the Bible’s origin and purpose, a basic ability to read, interpret and apply biblical principles, the memorization of key verses or passages, and the development of a uniquely biblical world view. This will mean obedience to the authority of God’s Word in moral purity, personal integrity, and living out the call to sacrifice and servanthood. We do not worship the Bible, we worship the God of the Bible. We believe, however, that He has revealed, and still reveals Himself, through Scripture (John 20:31; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; Hebrews 4:12.)

We want to be disciples who SERVE OTHERS with:

Responsible Stewardship
Knowing that all we have has been given by God, and that we are but mere “stewards and managers,” we will become personally responsible to steward our resources well. We believe that biblical stewardship begins in our hearts as a loving intent, but extends through our hands in loving action (Matthew 5:16, 25: 21; 1 Corinthians 16:1-2). This will mean seeking to become good stewards of our time, our abilities, our money, our bodies, and our planet.

Missional Mindset
Believing that life is not “all about us,” but all about knowing God and doing his will, we will seek to spend our lives fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission – “to Make Disciples,” (Matthew 28:18-20) and, Christ’s Great Commandment – “to Love One Another,” (John 13:34.)    This will mean seeing the people in our lives – our family, our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers, our community, and our world as people we are called to love and serve.    As disciples of Jesus Christ, we live our lives for his purpose, by his power, as his people, and for his glory.

We want to be disciples who live TOGETHER in:

Healthy Family
As the family is our primary source of nurture, our first school in life, the foundation of our society, and our first priority in ministry, we commit ourselves to the development of healthy marriages and families. This will mean understanding the nature and purpose of family, the development of healthy family systems, and learning and applying biblical principles for a healthy marriage and for healthy parenting. For those who are not yet, or no longer married, we seek to develop healthy relationships in our family of origin and in our friendships. We all will seek to develop a true sense of “family” within the fellowship of our church.

Authentic Community
Understanding that Christ’s command to “love one another” (John 13:34) is more than just a suggestion, we will actively involve ourselves in relationships that seek authentic community. These relationships will be marked by unity, commitment, compassion, acceptance, encouragement, and accountability.

These are the qualities we seek to develop in ourselves, and, in all the members of New Life Community Church.

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