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Bangladesh Child Center

Church of the Nazarene Bangladesh
Gahuli Child Development Center, Naogaon

This is a report on the Child Development Center we paid to establish in Bangladesh…

Gahuli is one of the smallest villages under Hattur Union in the Naogaon District. It is a very rural and deprived village. The literacy rate is very low and only around 5% of the inhabitants have passed Secondary School. Most of the people are day laborers and work in the agricultural sector. Both men and women are working in the field for a living.

In July 1999, a Nazarene church was established in Gahuli. It now has 31 adult church members. The name of the pastor is Rev. Amul Bormon. JF teams and Evangecube teachers are preaching in Gahuli and nearby villages to win souls for Christ. Rev. Bormon believes that soon another church will be established.

From 2001 the Gahuli church has been running a preschool in the pastor's house. In February 2009 Rev. Ron Salisbury visited Gahuli with the JF Team. At that time there was no church building in Gahuli. After he returned to the USA, Rev. Salsbury's church, New Life Community in Pismo Beach CA, sent funds for the Gahuli church. With this support a piece of land was purchased and a church building was constructed. Along with the building, a CDC was established. Now there are 75 students in the Center. The CDC is run on the church premises.

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