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How do I get an event on the church calendar?


New Life's Calendars system is maintained on two separate web systems: Our public web site
    The site uses an underlying engine called the Foundation Content Management System from the Digital Attic (

Church Community Builder ("CCB" for short - also called the "Online Community): Our church management software system.
    CCB is a commercial web-based information manager ( Every person in the church can obtain a personal login and password to access the system. Group leaders have the ability to schedule events and book facilities through the system.

There are four key calendars:

The Group Calendar (in CCB). Every group has the ability to schedule group events. They are displayed on their group calendar and on the personal calendar for every person in the group. When scheduling group events, the leader can also book a church facility.

The Church Wide Calendar (in CCB). A leader may select to have their group event displayed on the Church Wide Calendar by clicking the "Show on church wide calendar" box in the event settings. The Church Wide Calendar only displays in CCB. This means that only people logged in to CCB will see it, but also that everyone logged in to CCB will be able to see that event. We use this list to select which items will be displayed on the back of the church bulletin.

The Public Calendar (in CCB and on the Web). A group leader may be able to have their event displayed on the public calendar by clicking the "Show on the public calendar" box in the event settings. (For some groups this check box will be blocked). This calendar is displayed on the New Life web site and is accessible from the "News" menu. On the web site it is simply called "Calendar." The information that the group leader puts into the group event in CCB will display here on the web site.

The Event List (on the Web). This is a list of events on the church web site ("Events" under the "News" menu). The information for these events is entered independently of CCB, but the information is gathered from the Public Calendar and the Church Bulletin.

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