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How do I schedule an event and facility?


All facility reservations are made through the church calendaring system. For more information, see the "Church calendar system" document.

New Life uses a commercial web-based information manager called Church Community Builder ("CCB" for short). Every person in the church can obtain a personal login and password to access the system. Group leaders have the ability to schedule events and book facilities through the system.

To schedule and event, go to the group that is sponsoring the event, click on "Calendar." When the group calendar is displayed, on the desired date, click "Add an event." Complete all of the appropriate information. Note: When you fill in the "Location" field, this does not reserve a facility; it only lists that location in public displays on the Church Wide or Public calendars.

At the bottom of the "Add an event" screen, when you save your event information, you have the option to "Save & request facilities." If you click that button, you will be taken to a list of church facilities. The facilities that are already in use are crossed out. You can request the use of any other facility simply by clicking the box. Information for each of the facilities is displayed (e.g., room size, capacity, available set-ups, etc.). If a facility is in use, you can find out who is using it by click on the facility. This is helpful if you want to negotiate a change with someone.

Note: Needed resources are also booked this way. You book a TECHNICIAN for sound, lights, etc. as a resource.

When you click the "Request Checked Items" at the bottom of the page, your requests are sent to the appropriate people for approval. You can check back later and the listing on your event will change from "requesting" to "approved" for each of the items you requested.

You can save the event on the calendar without requesting a facility and come back later and reserve the facility.

Last Updated Tuesday, August 21, 2018 - 10:33 PM.