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Doll Ministry

Every Wednesday morning from 9am until noon, something very special happens. Seventeen to twenty four women gather to pray, have fellowship and create hundreds of beautiful dolls to share with children all over the world.


 In 1999 Naomi Luby started the group in her home.  With donated sewing machines the Doll Makers were underway. Some women couldn’t sew, so they stuffed the dolls. Others sew clothes. Some paint faces or make curly wigs.

In July of 2008 the Doll Ministry moved to the home of Patty and Ron O’Reilly. 

This is a ministry where the ladies pray and encourage each other, celebrate birthdays together and enjoy fellowship. “God blesses us beyond imagination” is often heard. The ladies pray that the children who receive the dolls will be blessed and come to know the love of Jesus.

Although they seldom see the children that receive the dolls, they do get many heartwarming reports. Over 12,000 dolls have been given away as of August, 2014. The following is a list where the dolls have traveled.

Local Hospitals: Arroyo Grande – Day Stay and ER, French - Recovery, Sierra Vista – Pediatrics and ER, Marian – Pediatrics and ER and Pismo Surgical Center
Social Services Department in Arroyo Grande and Nipomo.
Fire Depts.
S.A.R.T. in San Luis
Captive Hearts
Missions:  Uganda – Kenya – Peru –Micronesia –  Costa Rica – South Africa – India Kazakhstan –  Guatemala – Ecuador Mexico – Caicos – Haiti –


The little boy, in the bottom picture, with the bear was rejected by his family. He was taken into an orphanage after being beaten and left on his own. He literally shook with excitement when he received this Teddy Bear, his first toy ever!

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