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How can I learn the basics?


We offer a special class for those who are just beginning to follow Jesus. It is 6-weeks long and uses a combination of DVD and discussion format. The atmosphere is non-threatening. The group size varies from about 5 to 12 so there is ample opportunity for you to ask questions and get personal help. You will learn things like how to read the Bible and pray.

  • Session 1          The Purpose Drive Life: “What on Earth am I Here For?”
  • Session 2          “Worship—You were Planned for God’s Pleasure”
  • Session 3          “Fellowship—You were Formed for God’s Family”
  • Session 4          “Discipleship—You were Created to Become Like Christ”
  • Session 5          “Ministry—You were Shaped for Serving God”
  • Session 6          “Evangelism—You were Made for a Mission”

For more details call the Care Office at 489-3254 x500 or e-mail Vince Llamas by clicking here.


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