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How do I download sermons?


You now have the capability of viewing some sermons in their entirity in streaming video format. Just click on the "video" link next to the sermon you want to litsten to.

Because of the amount of information required in an online video (especially a full-length sermon), the information is "compressed". This introduces a slight delay and "fuzzyness" in the video presentation. The demand of online speed video requires a high-speed Internet connection such as DSL or Cable (or better) and a fast computer. (This won't work with a dial-up connection. It may also have problems if you have an older (prior to 2004) computer.) A recommended minimum configuration would be an Intel IV Pentium class computer with 512 Megabytes of memory, running a Windows XP operating system. (This will not run reliably under the older Windows 95 or Windows 2000 operating systems.)

If you have a modern (i.e., circa 2005 or later) computer, you can also click on the "expansion" button at the bottom of the video to place the video in "full-screen" mode. Since your computer has to process the video, older and slower computers may experience a slight delay in the video display relative to the audio, since the video takes more computer processing time than the audio.


Listening to a Sermon on the New Life web site

  • Click on the "audio" link next to the sermon you want to listen to.
  • On most computers, this brings up a "helper" program like QuickTime or Windows Media Playerthat will play the sermon through your computer's speakers.
  • Note: ALL audio recordings are stored in mp3 format and are compatible with most mp3 players and iPod devices. Additionally, you may also "burn" copies of sermons to CDs from .mp3 format using standard CD recording software (e.g., Nero).

Downloading a Sermon to your Hard Drive

You can also save the sermon to your computer's hard drive and then download it into your mp3 player, iPod, or IPhone. To do this, right-click on the "audio" link, then click on the prompt: "Save Target as ..." or "Save Link as ...", then select a folder to save the file.

Note: The right-click prompt will vary depending on which Web browser you are using: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc.

This will take several minutes to download, depending on the speed of your Internet connection. After downloading, a copy of the sermon will reside on your hard drive with a file name of the form: 2008-08-31.mp3 . You can then transfer the file into your mp3 player or iPod using the procedures for that device; please read the user information related to whatever portable audio player your are using to download it.

You can also forward audio copies of sermons to friends and family via email attachments, although it's much better to simply send a link to the copy that's on our website (e.g., New Life sermons are typically about 40 minutes in length, and the mp3 data file is about 1.5 Megabytes in length. Some mail systems may not allow reception of attachments of that size.

Burning a Sermon to a CD
Most new cars these days have CD players as standard equipment. You can "burn" your mp3 file to a CD if you have a CD Writer ("burner") feature on your computer. Review last weekend's message while you're on the road!

In this case, refer to the procedure for burning CD's on your computer - recording the mp3 file CD and select the mode of writing an Audio, then select the mp3 file on your computer that you have downloaded. 40-minute Sermons on CD only take about 5 minutes to make on modern computers or lap-tops. [Blank, writable CDs are available at only a few cents each from most of the local office supply stores such as Office Max, Rite-Aid, CVS, or Staples.] Thank you for visiting our website! We hope our online material will be helpful and useful to you.

Listening to a Sermon on iTunes (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)

  • Go to iTunes on your computer (double-click iTunes icon on the PC).
  • On left, click on "iTunes Store."
  • Under "iTunes STORE," click on Podcasts
  • In upper-right corner of screen, search on "New Life Pismo", then hit "Enter."
  • In PODCASTS window, you should see the New Life logo, along with a subscribe button. Click the button. It may come back with a window asking you to confirm. If so, click the bigger Subscribe button to do so.
  • This will start downloading the podcasts to your PC.
  • Click on the New Life logo and it will show you the entire list (most-recent first)
  • When viewing the list, you may have to click "GET ALL" to get all the sermons, or alternatively you can get individual sermons.
  • Once you are subscribed to the Podcast, running iTunes will get itself up-to-date with any more-recent sermons.


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