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Grades 1 to 4 - First Time Guests

Welcome if you're a first time visitor!
So what does it look like on a Sunday morning?

Step 1 - Room 16 is where your journey begins.

You will see banners directing you into the registration room (Room 16). There will be people to welcome you and direct your child to the appropriate classroom.

New Life Church takes child safety seriously. Each week your child will be checked in through our state of the art computer security system. Each child will be given a printed name tag with the child's name and any allergy alerts. A corresponding tag will be printed for the parent. This is very important because it is the way we identify you when you pick up your child from Sunday school.

Step 2 - The Shepherd Leader

Your child will meet with their Shepherd Leader (Sunday school teacher) for small group time. There, they will be involved in an activity that will tie in with the day's lesson.

Step 3 - The Large Group Lesson

Your child and their small group will move to the large group lesson where the Bible lesson will be taught in an interactive way that involves worship, prayer, games, drama, video, and large group teaching.

Step 4 - Back to the Small Group

The children move back to their small group time to further focus on the Bible lesson in a fun practical way. The close of each lesson will be with prayer to strengthen them to live out the week's lesson.


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