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Roller Coaster Mamas

Event Date(s): 4/23/2016 10:00 am - 4/23/2016 11:30 am

Senior Parents

Your child may be getting ready for graduation, but are you prepared for this transformational life event? Whether your child is leaving the nest or staying close to home after graduation, you have a ticket to ride this exciting new dip and life change that is life’s roller coaster!!


Come to New Life Church and get locked in with great insights from Gina Nicola, LMFT, and Dana Dahm, founder of Roller Coaster Mamas. They will be talking about your changing role as a parent and providing you with great insights into your child’s expectations and your own needs that will steady the family through this turn.


Saturday April 23 @ 10 am at New Life Church Vertex Lounge

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