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Sometimes we have more questions than answers!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Hello Dear New Life Family!

I want you to know that I’m o.k. Thank you for your faithful and fervent prayers! These past several weeks have been a wild ride with regard to my health. I’ve wanted to keep you all updated, but changes and challenges were coming on an almost daily basis. It was hard to deal and keep up with what was happening, let alone share them with you. Sometimes in life, it seems like we have more questions than answers.Here again, all we can do is trust God whether we have the answers or not.  So, here’s the latest…

…You all know that we decided not to pursue a second stem cell transplant when my initial PET scans showed a return of the lymphoma. We decided to use a chemo therapy recommended by Stanford University. I did have the first infusion, but after, the bloodwork before my 2nd infusion indicated very poor kidney function. At this point we put the chemo on hold and began to flush my kidneys with non-stop hydration.    
My kidney function has improved, and we continued with chemotherapy this past Tuesday. Since then the labs have confirmed further improvement in regards to kidney function. On Thursday I had a port-a-cath placed in my chest for better delivery of the chemotherapy and hydration. It went well, but my heart did go into a-fib (something I have experienced in the past). So, for the present I am at home continuing hydration and on medication to convert my heart rate back to normal. Hopefully, we will be able resume the chemo schedule this next week. 

Again, I want to thank you all for your love & prayers, the delicious meals, and your notes of encouragement! I’ll be taking it easy for the next several weeks, but I will be around!      

In all of this we are so thankful for having “Great Care”…“Great Care” from the doctors and nurses at Mission Hope and Marian Hospital . . . and “Great Care from a loving, kind, and generous church family. We are blessed! And as a church, we are in a very strong place with our staff, teaching, and leadership teams. The next few months will be great! 

Thanks for your prayers.  I’ll keep you posted!

Leading On My Knees,
Pastor Ron Salsbury

Specific Prayer Points:

  • My heart will revert back to normal speed and regular heart rhythm.
  • My kidneys will continue to function at full strength.
  • The chemo will kill the cancer cells, while leaving my normal cells unharmed.
  • God will give Cathi extra grace and strength to serve me.

P.S. Please know that as you’re praying for us, we’re praying for you. We’re aware of so many that need God’s special touch. We’re all in this together!               

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