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M24 Men's Retreat

Event Date(s): 10/8/2016 12:00 pm - 10/9/2016 12:00 pm

A 24 hour getaway on a 5,000 acre ranch north or Bakersfield. Just Men. Just God.

Designed to take men away for 24 hours and see what condition the hearts of ordinary men really are. Men leave the home and spend 24 hours with other men who are trying to imitate Christ.

Some things you'll experience at M24:

-Time is at the cross. This is where men get a chance to refresh others with words of affirmation on how they have impacted one another’s lives for Christ.

- The bracelet ceremony where men are asked to stand and come forward and be bold professing that they are men of God.

Mens' lives are changed in this 24 hour period like no other 24 hours. Men discover that the closer they get in the proximity of Jesus, their lives change.

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