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Children of God

Living in the Light of Love

The book of First John is written "that we might know that we have eternal life." Based upon his personal, first-hand interaction with Jesus, the "beloved disciple" John describes the life, light and love that are characteristic of a person who knows God through Jesus. Learn how you can know and reflect God more through this inspiring book.

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2016-01-03   Walking in the Light
Ron Salsbury audio  video  notes  questions
2016-01-10   The Evidence of Love
Gina Nicola
video   notes questions
2016-01-17   Being Careful Who We Follow
Matt McGill audio
video  notes questions
2016-01-24   Children of God
Ron Salsbury audio  video   notes questions
2016-01-31   Loving One Another Chad Bohi audio  video   notes questions
2016-02-07   Love Made Complete Vince Llamas
audio  video  notes
2016-02-14   Living in the Light Matt McGill
audio  video  notes
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