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Life Group Leadership

So you're thinking you might like to lead a Life Group, that's great!  We want to give you all the information you need to make a wise decision whether to lead a group or not.  We also want to make sure you are ready to lead, so we will want to get to know you in some detail.  We try to make this process as quick and simple as possible.  At the same time, we want all our Life Groups to be led by caring people who have been guided in how to provide a dynamic and spiritually healthy environment, and who are being actively supported by the pastoral staff of the church.  So, we have prepared this information so that, like first reading through a recipe, you will see what's needed and what you will be doing, before you actually get started. Take your time and don't worry now about the “How-To's” of group leadership - that will come in time through experience and discussions with other leaders and your pastoral support team. Please complete the following Life Group Leader Application to provide some information about yourself and the type of group you would like to lead.  Pastor Dixon will then have an opportunity to talk with you to describe how we might best work together to get started.

Please begin by completing my Church Directory Profile. You can do this either online (preferred) or request a printed copy from the Adult Ministries Office.  If completing online, go to and click "Online Community - CCB" in the upper right corner. You will need a username and password which you can request from this page. From the home page you can “Go to my profile” on the far right. Then select “Edit Profile” from the list under the word “Action”. (Please note there are several tabs on your profile page, so please include: contact information which is under 'Basic' and 'Address' tabs; gifts, passions, abilities under the 'Serving' tab; and faith story under the 'Plugged In' tab.)


Life Group Leaders are given great responsibility for their groups and will be looked upon as examples and even mentors to their group members.  Because of this, we require that leaders meet the basic qualifications listed below.  However, these are not the sole criteria used to evaluate whether a person is best suited to be a Life Group leader.  Please note that the church does support other types of small groups including recovery-based groups that may have different qualifications criteria.

☐  I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and agree with the New Life statement of belief published on the church website (you may request a copy from the church office)

☐  I display spiritual and moral character consistent with biblical standards (1 Tim 3:1-12):

- I have no current habitual sin or moral issues (drugs, alcohol, cohabitation, etc.) that would bring shame to the name of Jesus Christ or New Life Community Church,

- I have no current marital struggles (infidelity, separation, divorce in process, etc.),

- I am considered a person of integrity within my home, church, and community.

☐  I have regularly attended New Life worship services for at least the past 4 months.

☐  I do not have any physical or psychological health issues including medications that would impair my ability to minister effectively to my group.  I will discuss any questions about this with pastoral staff.



As a Life Group Leader I understand that I represent the Lord Jesus Christ and the ministry of New Life Community Church.  Since others will be looking to me as a leader in the church, I will be held to a higher standard of conduct than others (James 3:1) and be expected to lead an exemplary life (1 Timothy 3:7). 

I will faithfully attend New Life worship services and support the mission of the church, working in harmony with church leadership.

I will make every effort to participate in leader training including workshops, training videos, and conferences.

I will commit to make my Life Group a priority through faithful attendance, preparation and care for members of my group.

I will lead my Life Group around the three dimensions that make up the D-N-A of every group:

            - D_Divine Instruction - Growing in our trust of God, and application of His Word,

            - N_Nurturing Relationships - Caring for one another in love, and

            - A_Apostolic Mission - Serving others including outreach to a lost and broken world.

 I will strive to create an environment of growth, joy, and safety in my group by facilitating balanced, respectful and authentic conversations, beginning and ending on time, and upholding the commitment to confidentiality within the group.


Please click on the link below to complete your online application.

Online Life Group Leader Application form



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