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Matt McGill



I’ve been taking God seriously since the 8th grade (1986) and have been serving in full time ministry since 1995. I’ve spent much of that time in youth ministry.

I’m married to Misha and we have have five kids…and they are all boys…and all of their names start with the letter M. Our house is a zoo and we love it. When I’m not with my family or serving in ministry, I indulge my nerdy nature by reading Syfy books, gaming, and going to the movies…basically anything that involves being inside with lots of internet bandwidth. My idea of roughing the great outdoors is taking a seat at Andreini’s next to the window and allowing the sunlight to fall directly on my leg. I am careful not to do this too often. Since I’m new to the Central Coast, one of my goals experience every taco this great land has to offer.

My ministry at New Life is to kids, students, and their families. I’m passionate about reaching our community with the gospel, drawing our kids and students into a deeper relationship with Jesus, and empowering parents to spiritually invest in their children. None of this can happen without volunteer leaders, I’m also passionate about doing whatever it takes to equip leaders to serve. Contact me if you want more information!

Matt McGill
pastor of family ministry

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