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Pastor Vince Llamas
Pastor Vince Llamas
Care Ministries
Gina Nicola
Gina Nicola


Counseling services are provided by Pastor Vince Llamas, and Gina Nicola (our Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist). This includes spiritual counseling, family/child counseling, pre-marital and post-marital counseling for New Life attendees.

Care Center counselors also provide referrals to our Support Groups for specialized struggles such as substance abuse, recovery from divorce, personal grief, weight loss, pornography addiction and relational abuse recovery. We also provide referrals to reputable Christian licensed therapists in the geographical area.

All Counseling services are scheduled by calling Merrie Biddison at the New Life Care Center at 805-489-3254 ext. 500.

"Therefore, encourage one another and build each other up; just as in fact, you are doing." - 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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