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Security and Check-in System

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Our goal at New Life is to provide a safe and secure environment where your children can come to know God. We have taken several steps to provide that environment.


We conduct a background check on all workers and only allow those who have clearance (identified by a photo ID badge) into the rooms.

Unfortunately, we live in a day when many children are the target of disturbed individuals. Others are caught in custody battles and family difficulties. Consequently, the church is a potential battleground. Our check-in system is designed to make certain that the person who delivers a child into our care is the person who receives that child from us. Here's how it works:

Each week, bring your children to the Children's Registration Center (Room 16). There you will receive a name badge for each child. On the badge is the child's name, grade, allergies, a claim code, and a pager number (for pre-schoolers). You will also receive a claim ticket with a code matching that on the badges. Place the badges on your children (preferably on their back for pre-schoolers) and deliver them to their rooms. At the conclusion of service, present the claim ticket and the worker will release your child to you. For the child's protection, the worker is not to release a child to anyone who does not have the coded claim ticket. We use the claim tickets for children up to grade four.

You will also receive a bar-coded card and two key-tags. Present this card each week and the registration workers will be able to access your family information and check you in more quickly.

Parents of pre-school children receive a pager. If you are needed any time during the service, the pager will vibrate. If your pager vibrates, make your way to the Children's Registration Center (Room 16) and the workers there will direct you to the room in which you are needed. Please leave the pager in the room when you pick up your child.  

We hope that this system speeds delivery of your children to our Sunday ministry, and provides you with peace-of-mind concerning their safety and care. We want you to be able to give yourself undistracted to the worship experience and enjoy all God has for you each Sunday.

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