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Sermons are listed by series beginning with the most recent.

Sermons that are not part of a series are listed in the comprehensive sermon list for each calendar year.

04/05/2009 12:00am

All of us will have storms in our lives. The question is how we will be able to withstand them. In the Easter season of 2009, Pastor Ron Salsbury shows how Jesus can be a rock-solid foundation in helping us weather life's storms.

03/28/2009 3:50pm

This is a series of reports on the impact New Life is having "across the street and around the world." Our many hands are touching people with the one heart of Christ.

01/11/2009 12:00am

In this series, the Pastors of New Life examine eight virtues in an attempt to answer the question, "What's the good of being good?"

01/01/2008 12:00am

This is a comprehensive list of sermons preached at New Life during the 2008 calendar year. It includes sermons that were not part of a series. The numbered sermons are part of a series.

12/07/2008 12:00am

During the Christmas season of 2008, Pastor Ron Salsbury investigates the meaning of Isaiah's prophecies concerning Jesus and well-known from the "Hallelujah Chorus": wonderful counselor, mighty God, everlasting Father, prince of peace.

10/12/2008 12:00am

Finding the meaning of life can be a a great adventure: like following a map to hidden treasure. Unfortunately, it is easy to get lost. In this series, Pastor Ron Salsbury helps us get back to the meaning of life by explaining some of the points we can easily miss along the trail.

07/13/2008 12:00am

Jesus often used a method of teaching called a "parable" to intentionally hide truth. He wanted to make people hunt for it. In this summer series, the Pastors of New Life help you discover the secret treasures of Jesus' teaching hidden in His parables.

06/08/2008 1:13am

This is a series of reports on the impact New Life is having in the local community and around the world through its missional partnerships. The series also includes Pastor Ron's "dream" for reaching our local neighbors with Christ's love.

03/30/2008 12:00am

Modern society perceives Christians in a way much different from the way we see ourselves. In this series, Pastor Ron examines these modern perceptions and asks if they are true. He helps us "slay the dragons of deception: the cultural myths about Christianity."

01/06/2008 12:00am

Let' face it: we all learn some things the wrong way and later have to unlearn them. This is even true in areas of faith. In this series, the Pastors of New Life help you "unlearn" some of the mistakes you may have developed in your relationship with God.