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Sermons are listed by series beginning with the most recent.

Sermons that are not part of a series are listed in the comprehensive sermon list for each calendar year.


Leadership That Came from Ordinary People
God often calls the most unlikely individuals to act as leaders on his behalf. As you see how God used ordinary people accomplish extraordinary things, this series will encouarge you to see how God can empower to act as a leader in your spheres of influence.


And the Life He Promisedf to Give Us
Jesus made some outrageous claims about himself. These claims led the famous writer C.S. Lewis to conclude that he was was either a madman or he was actually who he said he was: the Son of God. In this series we look at the claims of Jesus not only from the persepctive of what they say about him, but what they mean to us as his followers.


Living in Freedom: Lessons from Exodus
The Book of Exodus details the story of Israel's deliverance from bondage in Egypt to their entry into the Promised Land of Canaan. The trip took them on a 40-year wilderness journey in which they learned many lessons about God, worship, provision, and promise that are still relevant for us.

This is a comprehensive list of all of the sermons preached at New Life during the 2013 calendar year. It includes all of the sermons that were not part of a series.Click for other annual comprehensive lists: 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013...

The Difference Jesus Makes in Our Lives
In this series we explore the surprising difference that Hope, Joy, Love and Giving make when we really come to know, love and follow the Christ of Christmas.


When Heaven Touches Earth
Each of Jesus' miracles not only transformed the life of the person he touched, but it revealed something about himself, his purposes and his power. Let us take you back to the days of Jesus. View him through the eyes of those whose lives he transformed. Understand how he can transform you too.


Pastor Ron explores seven of the "one another" passages of the New Testament and helps us learn how to apply them to enhance our personal relationships.

Summer SermonsThese sermons were preached over the summer of 2013. Click audio to play an audio version of the message.Click video to play a video version of the message.Click notes to download a copy of the message notes.Click questions to download...

Pastor Ron helsps us understand how to develop six key qualities of a disciple who follows Jesus.

Living in the Power of the Risen ChristThe resurrection power of Jesus is available to every believer. We have the ability to overcome any stronghold in our life. In this series Pastor Ron helps us to learn how to live with resurrection...