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Disaster Preparedness

RESOURCE LINKS (Click on the links below to visit other useful web sites)
This starter list is provided as a service. New Life does not necessarily endorse all products and services listed.

Disaster Awareness

Great California Shakeout Video Impact of a 7.8 quake in Southern California
Beat the Quake A preparedness game by Earthquake Country Alliance
Earthquakes US Geological Survey
Disaster Planning  
Prepare Your Home and Family American Red Cross
Family Disaster Plan California Volunteers
Make a Plan
Get a Kit American Red Cross
Build a kit
Great California Shakeout Site Prepare and practice for an earthquake
72 Hours City of San Francisco
Your Local Security Securing Your Home for a disaster
Disaster Supplies  
Red Cross Store First Aid and other supplies
Essential Packs Emergency kits and supplies
Major Surplus & Survival Emergency supplies
Community Cooperation  
Block Party Tool Kit Shakeout block party kit
Children & Special Needs
Let's Get Ready! (for kids) Sesame Street Workshop
Ready Kids
Special Needs
Additional Resources and Links  
AT&T Vital Communications AT&T
The Big Rumble San Francisco San Francisco's preparedness site

On January 15, 2011, New Life held a Disiaster Preparedness Day for the Five Cities Community. Below are links to video segments from several of the workshops.

    Plenary Session (Speakers Listed Below, Intro by Pastor Ron Salsbury)
    Great California Shakeout (Impact of a 7.8 quake in Southern California)
    SLO County Disaster Hazards & Threats (Jeri Siegel, California Emergency Management Agency)
    Ready, Set, Prepare (Paul Deis, American Red Cross Emergency Service Manager)
    Thinking About Others (Dave Mayfield, Behavioral Health Emergency Disaster Response Coordinator)

    How to Develop a Family Disaster Plan (Paul Deis, American Red Cross Emergency Service Manager)
    How to Prepare Your Home (Rudi Lokkart, Hayward Lumber and Miner's Hardware)

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